Is the High Cost of Gas Turning You Green?

\I just spent $111 to fill my car’s gas tank—and it’s not even a large SUV.  Thank goodness bike riding weather has arrived!

Even for our affluent suburbs, this seems steep.  Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise, because it may expedite conversion to “greener” forms of energy. But it seems likely it could dampen some families’ summer travel plans too.

May is National Bike Month—there’s no better time to get serious about turning some of your four-wheeled excursions into two-wheeled ones. We’ve got a few links below that can help:

Want to become a bicycle commuter to the train station? Here’s helpful information about Metra’s bike policy.

Chicago’s Active Transportation Alliance is a great resource on how to use your bikes more effectively in our daily lives.

Bikes are a great way to get your exercise and be social—it’s time to spin together!.