Libertyville Company Conceals All

AmazingConcealer, invented by North Shore girlfriends, grows a national following.


Mirror, mirror on the wall: Be the fairest of them all. Don’t be stopped by those little things that stare back at you from the morning mirror: Age spots, dark circles under our eyes, pimples that sneakily pop out over night. If only there was a product that could make it better.

Well, girls, there is.

AmazingConcealer, the brainchild of Libertyville residents and long-time friends Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman, was developed after years of personal trial and error. Their concept is that a good concealer is all the help a woman really needs. Coming in 7 shades, a pin drop amount of this hyper-concentrated makeup promises to make your skin look flawless.

AmazingCosmetics is Katz and Thurman’s national brand. It is available online and in retail outlets such as Sephora and Ulta—as well as in the makeup bags of some of Hollywood’s most elite makeup artists. Their only standalone studio is on the North Shore in downtown Libertyville.

When makeup artist Rochelle Pfeiffer first put a tester amount of AmazingConcealer on my hand, it felt heavy. “It’s concentrated,” she said, reminding me that “a little goes a long way.” I was impressed with how quickly the product was absorbed into my skin. But the real test would be the sun spots on my freckled cheeks.

AmazingConcealer didn’t disappoint. I was surprised at how my spots faded beneath it. And even with full coverage, it didn’t feel cake-y. (Yet I think it could if too much were applied—it’s important to follow the directions printed on the box: “Use sparingly.”) The concealer can be used on the body as well as the face—should you have a blemish, birthmark or scar you’d like to cover.

The Libertyville Studio, on Milwaukee Avenue, is trimmed in hot pink, and well worth a visit. Makeup application is offered by appointment.

Finally. A cosmetic that lives up to its name: Amazing Concealer.

AmazingConcealer comes in two sizes—large ($42) and small ($28). To learn more about AmazingCosmetics, visit their Web site at

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