Move of the Month: Single Leg Stability Challenge

This simple but challenging exercise will activate core and hip muscles as stabilizers, while arms and head are moving through different planes of motion.

This movement improves balance, builds greater spinal stability, and strengthens hip and butt muscles.

1. Stand tall with relaxed shoulders and good postural alignment.

2. Lift right leg so you are standing only on the left leg. Hips should remain level.

3. Breathe naturally and hold position for 5 to 10 seconds.

4. Lift both arms in front to shoulder level; keep shoulders relaxed.

5. Move right arm 90 degrees to the side while rotating your head to the right, with the eyes following the hand; hold for 3 seconds; return right arm to front. Repeat 5 times, and then, while keeping the right leg lifted, move the left arm to the left side, and rotate your head to the left.

6. Put the right foot down and lift the left leg. Repeat the sequence starting with the right arm.

Change arms to lifting overhead instead of shoulder level and look up. Then move arms down and look down.

If this is too difficult, begin by moving the arms without moving the head, then just the head and not the arms, and then try to move the arms and head together.

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