Better Chicago’s September Dog of the Month: Watson Belvedere

In this new monthly series, we will feature a Windy City pooch that deserves some fun recognition. For our first honor, meet Watson Belvedere, an 8-month-old Tibetan Terrier living in Bucktown who loves blueberries and is named after an ’80s sitcom.

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Who: Watson Belvedere

Better Chicago's Dog of the Month: Watson Belvedere

About: Male Tibetan Terrier, born December 2018

Lives In: Bucktown, with his parents including owner Eileen Gustafson, a calligrapher

Follow: On Instagram at @WatsonBelvedere

Why did you select this breed?

“We chose a Tibetan Terrier because they’re known for their legendary companionship and loyalty. They’re also suited for condo and urban living. Among other beautiful things about them (not the least being hypoallergenic), they look so unique with their ‘snowshoe’ feet: they made us instantly think that they’d be at home in our Chicago winters.”

What does Watson Belvedere love most?

“He loves blueberries, stealing his momma’s spot on the couch, and licking momma or dada’s face when he sees the phone is poised for a selfie.”

Watson Belvedere, Better Chicago's Dog of the Month

How did you decide on Watson Belvedere’s name?

“I’m a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan and love the show ‘Sherlock.’ We wanted a dog as a companion, so when thinking of a name his, John Watson, came up as inspiration. As for Belvedere, he was named after the ’80s show I really liked called ‘Mr. Belvedere’ where the butler, Mr. Belvedere, was also a loyal friend and part of the family.”

Does Watson Belvedere have any quirks or funny traits?

“Whenever he looks out our living room window from his perch on the couch and surveys the corner of the street below (we live on the second floor), I think he sits like a person with his paw on the sill. He also likes to sleep all twisted on his back with a toy in his mouth. Before his dad leaves for work, he calls his momma so we both can stand in the hall to say our byes. He doesn’t let his dad leave in the mornings without a big hug/carry and a kiss.”


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What do you love to do in Chicago together?

“Watson Belvedere likes to go for walks in our neighborhood, prancing like he owns the place and wanting to greet all dogs as well as kids that want to pet him. He loves the water and heads straight for the small pool in the dog park and then finds dogs to play with. Montrose Dog Beach is heaven for him — there are the dogs to play with, the sand to run on and get messy in, and the lake to hop and splash around in.”

Can you tell us a funny story?

“One evening while sleeping in our bedroom, we forgot to bring his blankie from the living room. He woke us up at 2 a.m., barking. We weren’t sure if he needed to go potty but we just guessed he might need his blanket. We brought it in, and as soon as he saw it, he played with it for a few minutes then went somewhere else in the bedroom and went back to sleep. We’ve never forgotten to bring in his blankie again since.”

Watson Belvedere, Better Chicago's September Dog of the Month

How will you celebrate his Better Chicago Dog of the Month feature?

“We’ll get him his favorite treats from Shake Shack and bring him to Montrose Dog Beach.” 


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Macaire Douglas lives in Chicago with her husband and two sons. She proudly supports Share Our Spare, a local nonprofit that collects goods for children in need.