Shop Your Closet: Over And Out!

It’s been three LONG months, but I made it!


Jan. 1 saw the end of my shopping ban and I couldn’t be happier. So many lessons learned! Here are my take-aways:

Declutter and live with fewer items.
In the past 3 months, I looked around and cringed at the clutter in our home and in my closet. SYC pushed me to declutter my entire life – you should see how tidy my kitchen cabinets are! For clothing and footwear purchases, I’ve implemented a strict one in, one out rule – if I buy something, something else must be donated.

When you do buy, buy quality.
My new mantra is “Buy less, buy better.” It’s a lot more rewarding to have a few items you love than a closet full of so-so items. I learned to be realistic about my lifestyle. As a mom who works part-time from home, how many high-heeled boots do I need—no matter how cute they are—for date night? But when purchasing a wardrobe workhorse (say, flat riding boots), it’s worth it to spend some money. But for trendy, fun items that stave off wardrobe boredom (scarves, flared jeans, colorful handbags), I am happy to keep my purchases cheap and cheerful.

Not shopping frees up time and energy.
I have a new guest room and my house never looked better!

Use the 3-day rule to avoid impulse purchases.
Shop Your Closet made me think a lot about what I really needed versus an impulse purchase. Today, I’m using a 3-day rule: If I find something I want, I wait 3 days and see if I still feel the same. During Shop Your Closet, I kept a running “wish list” of items I wanted. Three months later, I have no idea why I wanted 80 percent of them!

A few items did make the cut, and the grey-and-black striped tunic above. I salivated over it for months and when Shop Your Closet was over, I snapped it up. It’s inexpensive, and I found half a dozen ways to wear it. Let’s just say it earned a place in my closet.

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Thanks to everyone who followed along! Did you learn anything from shopping your closet? Let’s hear it!