Summer Hair Care Tips and Tricks


While we love the season and the multitude of outdoor activities, summer’s heat and humidity can make us yearn for a good hair day.

Two local experts offered up their advice to protect your hair this season.

Avoid sun damage
John Gialluisi, Creative Director at Mario Tricoci, urges people to protect their hair from the strong, drying UV rays of the sun. The first line of defense should be a wide brimmed hat, especially for those with thin hair who also need to protect their scalps. Head scarves are a stylish way to cover your mane, and breathable caps are a great option for sports. He also suggests a spray-in conditioner with SPF to protect hair, especially color-treated locks, from the harsh sunlight.

Protect from pool/ocean water
Swimmers should always rinse their hair first with fresh water, before diving in. Hair will absorb clean water, preventing the chlorine or salt water from penetrating hair and causing damage. Rinsing first also makes it easier to put on a swim cap and reduces breakage. Also important to note: Silicone caps are kinder to your hair than latex. Rinse and condition after swimming.

Conquer high humidity
If your hair is course and thick, oils help eliminate frizz when the humidity soars. Gialluisi recommends buying products that are humidity resistant. We love Moroccanoil Treatment and Frizz Control for taming hair and keeping curls in check. While some hair gets huge in the heat and humidity, others deal with limp, flat hair. John recommends lighter root amplifiers and mousses for this type of hair.

Style right
During the summer, limit yourself to one heat styling treatment—a blow dryer or a straightening iron, but not both. LeighAnn Adkisson, stylist at Art & Science, recommends the natural look. Most of her clients are trending toward air-dried, wavy, and curly hair. She suggests braids and up-dos for hot summer days. Lizzy, a mother of 5 from Glencoe, wears her beautiful curls natural all summer. “I work a small dab of conditioner in my wet hair and go!”

Wear beach hair
For days when you are in and out of the water, pack a leave-in conditioner to apply as you relax in your chair. John recommends applying Tricoci’s Ocean Mist Sea Spray to wet hair for tousled, beachy hair that can go straight from the sand to a casual dinner.

Condition, condition, condition
Adkisson encourages frequent conditioning during the summer. She recommends using a deep conditioner once a week and suggests applying a leave-in conditioner before the gym, beach or pool. She likes Shu Uemura, Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil. If excess scalp oil isn’t a problem, limit shampoos to a few times a week and just condition.

Protect and treat your hair from the sometimes harsh summer conditions then wear your gorgeous head of shiny, healthy, hair, like Lizzy says, as your “number one accessory.”


Photo: Girl in the hat by Bigstock