The North Shore, to a tree: Saplings that Will Thrive and Become Part of the Family

Trees are essential. They clean the air and soil, provide shade, reduce our home heating and cooling costs and increase property values. Plus, kids like to play in and around them.

To find the best trees for our area, we asked local experts Kristy Sheets of Scott Byron & Co., Mark Maradik of Pasquesi Home and Gardens, and Heidi Sibert of James Martin Associates. Happy planting!

Best Trees for Spring Flowers:

  • Magnolia: These early bloomers grow fragrant flowers in many colors including white, pink, purple and yellow.
  • Crabapple: Grows brightly colored fruit and showy flowers from white to red.
  • Red Bud: A small, spreading tree with purplish pink flowers in spring and yellow foliage in fall.

Best Trees for Small Yards:

  • Japanese Maple: These slow growers offer beautifully detailed foliage.
  • Fastigiate Carpinus: Their growth habit is narrow and upright.
  • Crabapple: They grow 15 to 20 feet.

Best Evergreens:

  • Norway Spruce: Offers year-round color and tolerates shade.
  • Colorado Blue Spruce: The aromatic silvery blue needles stay prickly all winter.
  • Douglas Fir: Medium to large trees with distinctive pine cones.

Best Trees for Shade:

  • Crimson King Maple: Offers long-lasting color, adapts to any soil and matures to 50 feet—perfect height for a shade tree.
  • Kentucky Coffeetree: This fast-growing tree has a wonderful soft texture.
  • Hornbeam: Great to grow in shade.

Best Tree for Colored Foliage:

  • Japanese Maple: Leaves open to a bright, blood red and fade to a rich burgundy.
  • Evergreens: Norway Spruce, Arborvitae or Douglas Fir provide green yearlong.
  • Crabapple: Also in Spring Flower and Small Yard categories.

Most Recommended Trees for our Area:

  • Birch: Distinctive bark and beautiful leaves make these prized shade and ornamental trees.
  • Maple: When seeds fall, they spin toward the ground like a helicopter.
  • Locust: Little leaflets give the foliage a lacy effect; good shade tree.