Tips for a Green Winter and Spring

Here’s a few great tips to follow for a greener home in the months to come:

Check for—and repair—leaky pipes and faucets. The tiniest leak has far greater impact than you’d think. Wasted water also means wasted pumping, wasted treatment and wasted transport.

Plan to incorporate native plants from a local nursery into your spring garden. They require less watering, don’t need chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and attract and support native birds and butterflies.

Check your automobile monthly to ensure that the tires are fully inflated. Keeping tires fully inflated will help you get better gas mileage.

Turn down the heat. Heating and air conditioning draw more than half of the energy that a home uses in the U.S. Turn down the heat when you leave the house or go to bed. A programmable thermostat will save even more money.

Keep the recycling process working by purchasing materials made from recycled products when possible. Placing items in the recycling bin is only half of the process.

Take the stairs. Make a healthy choice and save energy!

Take a child into the wild! Help someone you know see the cycle of life and connect with the outdoors. Even in the winter, nature has a story to tell.

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