Tips to Jazz Up Garden Greens

Could your garden greens be spruced up this spring?

If you’re already starting to plan your garden, Tony Abruscato, director of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, has some artistic tips to offer up.

For more inspirational ideas you can use in your own garden, mark your calendar for “The Art of Gardening,” the 2013 Chicago Flower & Garden Show, from March 9-17 at Navy Pier.

1. Embrace mixed media with varied textures. Contrast fuzzy leaves with smooth, shiny ones. The contrast will bring a whole new level of interest to your greens. (Photo courtesy of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show)


2. For less experienced gardeners, plant greens such as lettuce and spinach. These can be sown directly into the soil in early spring and they yield a small plant in just a few weeks. Easy!


3. Interplant daffodils with daylilies, irises, hostas and other perennials that will grow up to mask the fading leaves of bulbs as they grown dormant. Even camouflage can be pretty when done right. (Photo by Robin Carlson)


The 2013 Chicago Flower & Garden Show incorporates beauty and artistry in all its components, from “The Marketplace” to the “Kids’ Activity Garden,” and from the new “How to Garden” to the “Garden Gourmet” amphitheater. Featuring local garden designers and landscape architects, the show is an inspiration for guests from across the country and from sweet home Chicago.

For inspiring ideas year-round and even more up-to-the-minute event information, follow the Chicago Flower & Garden Show on Facebook at and Twitter.