Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Pet Lovers

Put your paws up if you love a cute pet pic!

May is National Pet Month, so in celebration we’re rounding up our favorite pet Instagram accounts—the cute, the funny and the philanthropic. If you’re a pet lover, follow these top Instagram accounts and your feed will be full of the cutest fur babies on the Internet.

1. @tunameltsmyheart

If you’re not already one of Tuna’s 1.2 million followers, you’re missing out. This Chiweenie (pictured above) with a famously adorable overbite was rescued at a farmers’ market in Los Angeles before he became an Instagram superstar, ambassador for animal adoption, and even author—well, kind of. His owner shares a peek into Tuna’s life in her new book “Tuna Melts My Heart: The Underdog with the Overbite.”

2. @manny_the_frenchie

The most famous Frenchie in Chicago, maybe even in the country, you’ve probably seen Manny on a T-shirt, on TV, or at a Bulls game. He loves bacon, taking naps in the sink, and the city of Chicago. His feed is full of photos of all of the above—plus pics of his super-cute canine siblings. Manny is no stranger to the Chicago social scene, either. You can meet him in person at any of his meet-and-greets or charity events, where he and his owner advocate for animals in need.

3. @toastmeetsworld

We’re just going to go ahead and call Toast the funniest dog on Instagram. Not surprising, considering the King Charles Cavalier was adopted by comedian Josh Ostrovsky and publicist Katie Sturino, who refers to herself as Toast’s “momager.” Toast was a puppy mill rescue who had a mouth full of rotted teeth that had to be removed, causing her tiny tongue to hang out at all times—now her signature look. Toast has even become a bit of a fashion icon, having been featured in Lucky magazine and serving as the face of Karen Walker’s summer 2015 eyewear campaign.

4. @prissy_pig

Prissy and her brother Poppleton are petite pigs with attitude—and a great fashion sense. Deemed “the FIERCEST pig you’ll ever see” by Buzzfeed, you’ll rarely find Prissy without her tutu, bow or pearls. Prissy and Pop dress up for Halloween, go to first grade, and pose for killer street-style shots. Need we say more?

5. @marniethedog 

When this 12-year-old Shih Tzu rescue isn’t advocating for the adoption of senior dogs, she’s hanging out with the Dodgers, hitting up Coachella, and posing for selfies with Larry King and Taylor Swift. You’ll love her sarcastic captions and following along on her adventures.

6. @thedogist

Think of The Dogist as “Humans of New York” for the four-legged. This photo-documentary series is about “the beauty of dogs” and showcases street-style photos of dogs around the world. Each photo tells you the name, breed, age and location of where the pup was spotted, plus the account features dogs that are up for adoption, helping them find forever homes.

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7. @thiswildidea

Photographer Theron Humphrey quit his job, rescued a dog, and hit the road for a cross-country adventure. Along the way, Humphrey discovered his dog Maddie’s incredible balance and started photographing her on top of various objects: his van, a lamp post, even a basketball hoop. Since then, they released a book, “Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics,” and have even been featured on the TODAY show. Today, Maddie is still balancing on things, but also takes some time out to watch “Game of Thrones” and go camping.

8. @realgrumpycat

There’s no way we could leave Grumpy Cat off this list. He’s essentially surpassed pet fame and become a full-blown celebrity, attending the Kids’ Choice Awards and South by Southwest, locking down countless endorsement deals and even starring in a Lifetime movie. Plus, the memes NEVER get old.

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9. @harlowandsage

The only thing cuter than one dog is a pair of dogs that are best friends. Harlow and Sage were besties who did everything together, until Sage, a mini Dachshund, passed away in 2013. Shortly after, Harlow found a friend in miniature Dachshund Indiana, and then Reese joined the family a year later. Follow along as these three pups pal around, take naps, and pose for hilariously awkward family photos.

10. @barkbox

Most dog owners have probably heard of BarkBox, the subscription box for dogs that also supports rescues, but have you followed them on Instagram yet? Their feed features dogs, cats, and sometimes even horses and owls, but we swear these videos will make you smile. Sign up for their newsletter, BarkPost, for Buzzfeed-style posts that all pet parents can relate to. Happy tails!

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