Uncovering the Myths about Vein Disease

Here’s a few myths about vein disease, and the facts behind them:


Myth #1:  Varicose Veins are just a cosmetic problem.

Less than 20% of the procedures performed for varicose veins at the Midwest Vein Center are done for purely cosmetic reasons.  Varicose veins can cause pain, swelling, phlebitis and sometimes hemorrhage.

Myth #2:  Sclerotherapy does not work and my spider veins will just come back.

Sclerotherapy done badly and/or with an ineffective sclerosant such as saline does have a high recurrence rate.  This is why specialized training in phlebology is so important.  Sclerotherapy done properly should result in a happy, satisfied patient for many years.

Myth #3:  Treatment is expensive and won’t be covered by my insurance.

Endovenous laser treatment, sclerotherapy, and micro-phlebectomy are all office-based procedures that are covered by insurance 90 % of the time, given the right indications.

Myth #4:  Don’t get vein treatment until you are finished having children.

If you have vein disease prior to pregnancy or as a result of pregnancy, these symptoms will worsen most of the time.  There is no benefit to delaying treatment until after child bearing.