Unit 2 Collective Green Tips October 10 Sustainable Practices inspired by Off The Grid Living

Living off the grid is a challenge.

It’s an extreme that isn’t for everybody, but we can learn from these experiments and apply that to better practices that just make sense everyday for the environment, your health and your quality of life!

Better for the Environment
1. Recycle: It can be challenging and time consuming to learn your local systems and execute recycling on a daily basis, but it’s so worth it; if not for the future of humanity, then to decrease those super large landfills that have become ziggurats on the edges of our cities.

2. As much as disposal is important, so is “sourcing,” meaning where and what you buy.  Find trusted and transparent sources—brands or retailers—who make better choices.

3.Get some of those reusable grocery bags—they create less waste, but are also just easier to use—they are bigger and you can carry more stuff in fewer!

Better For Your Health
4. Buying for quality and not quantity: This allows for more careful and measured selections that are better for you, your family and the planet.

5. Buy more often: The French Market in the Loop has become my new favorite place!  Buying food for your meal of the day allows for the ultimate freshness and they have many local and seasonal choices.

6. Stay away from processed foods: Something that easy just isn’t right…you know it!  It may take a little more time to do chop and cook your own food, but your health is worth it and you’ll be happier.

7. Keep Bugs Away Naturally! There are many products on the market now that contain essential oils like lemongrass and eucalyptus that fight mosquitoes and others pests, but don’t give you cancer!

Better for your Quality of Life
8. Extend the trusted source mentality to philosophies you can get behind. Believe in your purchases and decisions and feel proud of your choices!

9. Savor…everything…each bite, moment, breath experience…enough said – go now…be free!

10. Step away from technology, work and social pressures. It’s stressful and we’re just not capable of coping.  Being in the woods is so incredible because the pace just makes sense. Trees grow slow and animals live simple lives. A great example for us.