View from the Team: Our Fall 2020 Issue

Better Chicago Team Fall 2020

Welcome to our Best of 2020 issue, the 10th anniversary reveal and celebration of the winners of our annual readers’ choice awards. If you are one of the many thousands of readers who cast an online vote, thank you! It’s never been more important to support the people, businesses and organizations that help make our communities great. 

Unveiling the winners of this annual competition is one of our favorite parts of the publishing year and we’re thrilled to share with you the exciting mix of newcomers and repeat winners that we celebrate here. Our savvy readers are passionate about their favorite spots in Chicago and on the North Shore, so you can bet that this list highlights the best of the best. 

It was important to us to maintain our annual tradition with this Best Of 2020 issue, but it has certainly been a complicated, challenging time to do so! Our commitment to being a trusted, helpful community resource for our readers remains at the forefront in this magazine. That’s why we’ve also prioritized a topic that’s been top of mind for so many of our readers: education.

In this unprecedented time when we face not just a pandemic, but political discord, climate change and social justice crises, it can feel like nothing is secure or enduring. But, the transformative benefits of a good education are lasting, and can never be taken away. That’s why promoting a good education for all is an important priority for us.

Our hearts go out to educators who are trying to ensure that children still receive a good education in the face of Covid-19 challenges, and to parents who strive to support this effort, often while working full-time themselves. In this issue, we give you a snapshot of the state of Chicago-area education, provide e-learning tips, explore homeschooling, and share our comprehensive guide to private schools.

It’s a particularly hard time to be a teacher. We’re more grateful for their service than ever. So this month, we will be celebrating great educators online.  Please participate by telling us and the world about your favorite teachers via email or through your social network and tagging @betterchicago on Instagram and LinkedIn, @chicagobetter on Facebook and Twitter. Your efforts will lift spirits and shine a light on outstanding educators who’ve made a difference.

With the world changing more quickly than ever, there’s no better time to join us online for the latest on what’s happening in your community and beyond. If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to our biweekly email newsletter – the Better Letter at

Please also join us in celebrating the fantastic work of our Better and Make It Better Media Group staff and contributors too. They, too, are the best of Chicagoland, working hard to serve this community they love.  

As always, we appreciate your feedback and welcome your ideas and suggestions. Your attention is valuable and ideas are important to us. 

Susan Noyes, Publisher

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Brooke McDonald, Editor in Chief

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