Mom’s Perfect Day

If only every day was Mothers Day! Treat us like a queen, don’t let us touch a dish (unless you’re handing it to us and it’s full of chocolate goodness), bring us flowers, let us sleep in and bring us breakfast in bed.

Actually, the perfect Mothers Day means something different to each mom, so we asked our friends for feedback: What is your perfect day? Here’s what they had to say … at least, what we could print!

Mom the Uber-Planner

Actually, the fantasy I really have in mind starts in the Hotel Il San Pietro di Positano on the Amalfi coast, but here’s a scaled down version of my perfect day on the North Shore.

8:45 a.m.: Wake up thin.
8:50 a.m.: Hugs and kisses from kids and husband.
9 a.m.: Drive downtown to meet 5 of my most interesting and fascinating friends.
10 a.m.: Arrive at Peninsula Hotel. Workout in their four-star Health Club.
Noon: Lunch with friends at trendy downtown café.
1 p.m.: Shopping.
2:30 p.m.: Run into husband’s ex, notice she’s gained thirty pounds.
4 p.m.: Hot stone massage back at hotel; nap.
7 p.m.: Champagne with friends.
8 p.m.: Dinner at hippest new restaurant in town … maybe The Purple Pig?
10 p.m.: Stay up late chatting.
Enjoy an entire night of uninterrupted sleep.

Single (but Looking) Mom

For this one, you must suspend what you know about time and space, but it’s fantastic.

“Wake at dawn with (current) love of my life … taking time to actually ‘wake.’ Head out for summer sail as sun rises. Return home to have incredible snuggly breakfast with all children (‘love’ can disappear at this point until needed again) and long discussion as we watch huge snowflakes fall to the snow-covered ground. Exercise with gals and favorite trainer; stretches and laughs. Long late morning walk through the spring buds of the Botanic Garden with a gal pal. Serious thoughtful conversation punctuated with hysterical laughter. Return home, where met by current love of my life for our own version of the hour of power.

“Late lunch with my mom and dad. Take a moment to savor this time. Then it’s off to seminar to hear Maya Angelou speak. My current love springs for a huge plane so ALL my gal pals can accompany me for this life-changing experience. Did I mention the seminar was in Europe? Home in time for a walk with dogs and kids, taking in vibrant changing fall colors. No arguing or fighting allowed. Current love of my life is at home raking the leaves. Quiet, elegant candlelight dinner for two in some exotic, knock-your-socks-off place. Beachside for huge bonfire with roaring ocean as a backdrop. Counting stars, listening to murmured voices and laughter of family and friends. Return home.”

Downtown Mom Fantasy

“Wake up on 600-thread count Egyptian cotton linens gracing the Stearns and Foster ultra-plush pillow-top king mattress in the sleeping sanctuary that is the Four Seasons Hotel. Snarf coffee, fruit, and organic granola for breakfast. Run 6 miles. Hot steam, shower. Massage by soft-handed, short-nailed Inge. Reflexology performed by mid-thirties, steel-blue eyed, dark-haired, broad-shouldered Sven. The Nordic name belies his Costa Rican hotness. He doesn’t talk. Just the way I like it.

“Meet 3 sisters for lunch at RL. Laugh hard and loud; annoy other diners. Sheepishly slink out of restaurant. Shop with them ‘til I’m bored (about 8 minutes). Leave them in Barney’s accessories department. Nap back at the Four Seasons. A nice woman from room service blow-dries my hair for me. Dress for evening. Husband meets me for appetizers. Undress. Get busy.

“Meet friends for champagne at Zed 451’s rooftop garden. Drink Dom Perignon in Baccarat flutes. Dinner at Alinea with husband, or whoever’s still willing to hang out with me. It’s all about the white tablecloth, flowers, a kajillion pieces of dinnerware, and the overly attentive waiters. Back at hotel by 10 p.m. Showtime and nighty-night.”

Sporty Mom

“I love to wake up, have coffee on the deck, read the paper and enjoy my flowers. Brunch is at Lucky Platter in Evanston with my family. Then we’ll ride our bikes to the beach for a walk or hang out in the beach chair and watch the boys throw a football with dad, build sand castles, swim and hang out.

“Next, a late afternoon game of golf with my boys. If we’re cooking, I’ll go to Convito Cafe (Wilmette) and pick up fresh pasta, sauce, and a good bottle of wine. If we go out to dinner, it’s The Noodle (Wilmette), Depot Nuevo (Wilmette), That Little Mexican Café (Highland Park), The Happ Inn (Northfield) or Lulu’s Dim Sum (Evanston). We come home and enjoy a summer night on our deck, windows open, and a warm breeze. Ahhh!”

Easy-to-Please Mom

“Sleep in. Brisk walk with friends along the Lake Michigan shoreline around Northwestern. Shower. Brunch somewhere tasty with family (Lucky Platter in Evanston, Prairie Grass in Northbrook). Chick flick with whomever wants to come, preferably my daughter. Browse Borders. Sit down and read for awhile. Dinner with family and friends at Union Pizzeria in Evanston (Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza a must!). Walk home. Watch a Tivo’d episode of Glee. A little nooky. Sleepy time. Ah, heaven.”