Best Dressed Women: Althea Walton

Althea Walton is a busy lady. She’s the Finance Director for the ACLU of Illinois and an active supporter of many causes. With her son, Brian Stevenson, she founded, a not-for-profit dedicated to countering 21st century addictions, such as the Internet, videogames and Facebook. It works primarily with students in middle school through college.

Her second start-up is with her husband, Chaga. Avid travelers, the two operate an online travel site, Finally, she is involved with Real Men Cook, which uses community cooking events to raise money for charities and to celebrate men of color who are supporting their families and communities. She and her husband also support the Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute.

With her career and causes, Althea always has an event to shop for, but she describes herself as “a fairly thrifty shopper.” She looks for pieces that flatter and have a little fun, a little pizzazz. The dress she’s wearing is by R&M Richards. The plum color is her new favorite.

What the judges said about Althea:
“She has great texture going on, and her smile lights up the room.”

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