Better Makers: Hadley School for the Blind

The Hadley School for the Blind held its annual benefit at Michigan Shores Club in Wilmette on April 25, and raised more than $240,000. The gala entertained over 200 guests with casino games including poker, roulette and black jack.  The event was co-chaired by women’s board members Kim Peterson of Winnetka and Stacy Smith of Kenilworth.

The Hadley School for the Blind was founded in 1920 with the mission to promote independent living through lifelong education programs for people who are blind or visually impaired, their families and blindness service providers. The world’s largest educator of braille, Hadley serves 10,000 students in 50 states and 100 countries each year.

Steve Schulz, Rick Fezell, Tiffani Pierson, Molly Fezell, all from Winnetka.


Lynne Montgomery and John Montgomery from Northbrook, and Anne O’Brien Prager and Dr. Jordan Prager from Winnetka.


2015 Benefit Committee: Jolene Wilson (Winnetka), Secretary Karen Nard (Winnetka), Benefit Co-chair Kim Peterson (Winnetka), Benefit Co-chair Stacy Smith (Kenilworth), Lynne Montgomery (Northbrook), Woman’s Board President Anne Merriman (Kenilworth), Treasurer Angela Connor (Winnetka), Mary Nelson (Winnetka), Vice President Vicky Young (Winnetka). Not pictured: Jeannie Ashmore (Kenilworth), Wendy Ferguson (Winnetka), Molly Fezell (Winnetka), Shari Kvam (Kenilworth), Lori Mulhern (Winnetka), Lisa Peterson (Winnetka), Kathryn Popoff (Winnetka), Anne O’Brien Prager, (Winnetka), Assistant Treasurer Sara Ridder (Winnetka), Megan Sandquist (Winnetka), Kristie Warden (Winnetka).


Woman’s Board Vice President Vicky Young (Winnetka), Hadley President Chuck Young (Winnetka), Benefit Co-chair Kim Peterson (Winnetka), guest speaker Steve Beres (Orlando, Fla.), Woman’s Board President Anne Merriman (Kenilworth), Benefit Co-chair Stacy Smith (Kenilworth).