Keeping Beautiful Birds in Your Yard: Advice from the “Bird Lady”

Flint Creek Wildlife Center volunteer and “bird lady” Dawn Smith shares tips on how to make your yard friendly to magnificent birds, great and small.

You’ll become your own back yard hero when you put these small tips into practice. They’ll go along way toward preventing bird fatalities and you just might find that your own backyard will become a special haven for local and migrating beauties. Keep a bird book close by and enjoy sharing these newfound friends with all members of your family.

Bird Lady Top Ten Tips: How you can make a difference

A baby bird fell out of its nest? Carefully pick it up and put it back in the nest. Birds have a bad sense of smell. The mother bird won’t pick up on your human scent and reject the baby.

If a nest falls out of a tree
, gently pick it up and place it in a plastic margarine tub or container and put it back in the tree close to where it fell out.

Nest at the front door? If a nest is made at your front door or other high traffic area, don’t worry. From hatching to fledgling, the process is only 12 days. Enjoy it!

Prevent window collisions by adhering the aesthetically pleasing Collidescape film to your at risk windows.  The film can be purchased online at

Going fishing?
Be sure to properly dispose of fishing line and use barbless hooks when possible.

Never cut down trees in the spring. Many birds make nests inside of dead trees and their branches.  Wait until late fall.

Feed birds quality seed and fresh water (scarce in the winter). Don’t have a heated birdbath? Place a bowl of clean water each day near shrubs, in a safe area free of cats and other predators.  Think quick escape.

Help the owls by removing soccer nets or place them right side up to allow for easy escape. They perch on the nets and often get stuck, resulting in broken wings.

Use natural chemicals in your yard for fertilization and weed control. Not sure what is safe? Consult your local nursery or the pros at

When in doubt call the licensed wildlife rehabilitators at our local Flint Creek Wildlife’s toll free number 1-800-842-8000 or go to the sites “found animal” link for more info.