Meet The North Shore’s Own Carrie Bradshaw

She couldn’t have timed it better. Just as “Sex and the City 2” hit the screens, North Shore author Jackie Pilossoph’s first book, “Hook, Line and Sink Him,” hit bookstores.

We recently caught up with Pilossoph to find out how this Chicagoan-turned–North-Shore-resident survived commitment-phobic men in the city and lived to write about it:

I love the title—“Hook Line and Sink Him.” How did you come up with it?

Jackie Pilossoph: The book was originally called “Marry Me Bill” and for a really long time, it wasn’t getting any attention. Then somebody suggested I change the name. I thought about it, and all of the sudden, I just blurted it out: “Hook, Line and Sink Him!” As soon as I changed the name, I started getting all these calls from agents.

It’s interesting that you wrote about someone suffering from fear of commitment. Was that based on personal experience?

JP: I am an extremely committed person, but I’ve dated so many men who are commitment-phobes. It was frustrating and upsetting. Jeff, the main character, is a combination of every guy I ever dated. I thought every woman would relate, and say ‘I dated that guy.’

How did you get your book published? Tell me about the process.

JP: It was hell. I could count 1,000 rejection emails. I’ve been trying to do this for five years, but I wasn’t ever going to give up. I really believed I had something people would enjoy. In the process of sending out, there were a lot of agents who gave me tips on how to make it better. That kept me going. Or at least they cared enough to say, ‘I’m not interested in this, but I’ll read something else of yours.’ My advice is, if you never give up, something will eventually happen.

How long have you lived on the North Shore?

JP: I’ve lived in Glenview for six years. I moved to Chicago in 1987, although I moved away for a while when I went to graduate school in Boston and then took at job as a news reporter at KTTC Channel 32 in Rochester, Minn.

Does the North Shore play a role in your book at all?

JP: This particular book takes place in the city, but the North Shore plays a role in a lot of the writing I do. I see so many women who inspire me in so many different ways. They’re all moms and they’re all trying to figure out how they can use their talents.

What are some of your favorite haunts on the North Shore?

JP: Lori’s Shoes in Northfield, Von Maur in Glenview (love the free shipping and gift wrapping) and Prairie Grass restaurant in Northbrook. I also love North Shore Racquet Club—director Jerry Karzen is the greatest kids’ basketball coach!