Melanie Goldish, SuperSibs!, Hoffman Estates

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family is thrown into crisis, but in the rush to assist the ill child, the well siblings are often ignored.


Melanie Goldish realized this in 1998 when her 5-year-old son, Travis was diagnosed with cancer. He has battled cancer twice and is now a healthy 18-year-old cancer survivor.

“There was nothing to help the sibling with the trauma and anxiety he was experiencing,” says Melanie, speaking of her son Spencer, who was just 4 when his brother was diagnosed.

Drawing on her family’s experience, Melanie started SuperSibs! in 2002 out of her basement. She used her resources and knowledge from working in the corporate world to develop a business plan, gather a board of directors and grow her idea into an international organization that currently serves 25,000 children.

“We fill a tremendous need,” says Melanie. The group provides siblings with a “Comfort and Care Program” as well as online support, networking, scholarships and education.

To learn more about SuperSibs! including their upcoming Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes lunch on Saturday, May 7, visit

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