Quick and Easy: Kayak Iraq III

MAD-kayak-iraqGetting an education is hard enough work—having to avoid violence to do it is another thing altogether.

The Iraqi Student Project (ISP) is an organization based at Loyola University that aims to help Iraqi students go to college—with the goal being to return to Iraq and contribute to the rebuilding of their country.

Like any program, it needs funding. This weekend, kayakers are taking to the Skokie Lagoons to help raise money for this worthwhile program. Come support this fantastic with pizza and bluegrass music, and you can even write letters to children in Iraq. It’s a great way to spend the weekend.

Where: Skokie Lagoons, Tower Rd. launch

What: A 2-hour guided kayak trip on the Skokie Lagoons, pizza, after-ride celebration

When: Saturday, May 18, 1-3 p.m.

Prizes: Lots of prizes for highest fundraisers!

No registration is required to come out and support this event.

The students make an impact locally as well. Here’s an example:

“Sarab had to leave Iraq to escape persecution. She connected with ISP in Syria and was offered a tuition waiver by Loyola Chicago. She had to leave behind her family and her autistic brother. Because of her understanding of the need for special education in Iraq, she determined to study education. This past spring, she worked as an intern in the Chicago Public Schools. The school children will be sending cards and messages to students in Mosel this summer through Sarab’s initiative.

Another student, Karam, who is a concert pianist, organized a concert with an Evanston violinist who is challenged with spina bifida. They made beautiful music together. The important difference these students have made in our communities has been not as visible but extremely important. They have put a face on the people of the Iraq. Through their interactions understanding of other cultures currently getting poor press can be initiated.”