Race to Somewhere: Educators Making a Difference

Bashing teachers and blaming administrators for the lack of student progress is in vogue.

Headlines scream, legislators rant, but should we really blame our schools and teachers for the state of education?

Make It Better decided to take a different tack and find individuals who are doing right by our kids—people who are making schools better in our neighborhoods and far beyond. Innovators, thinkers, funders, teachers. They aren’t willing to play the blame game because they’re too busy fixing what’s wrong and teaching children what’s right.

These are our educational innovators. We hope they inspire you to make a difference in schools—write a check, roll up your sleeves, read a book to a child. It will take all of us to change education.

Nancy Searle, John Rowe and Phyllis Lockett
New Schools for Chicago
Winnetka and Chicago

Seth Weinberger
Executive Director, Innovations for Learning, Evanston

Doug Edmonds
8th Grade Science Teacher, Wood Oaks Junior High School, Northbrook

Jai Luster, Joy Luster, Jori Griffith, Yirser Elvrid Lawrence
Luster Learning Institute, Highland Park

Barb Laughlin Karon
Parent, Barrington High School

Martin and Pat Koldyke
Golden Apple Foundation and Academy for Urban School Leadership