Terrific Teachers

Every September, we entrust a major part of the care and mentoring of our children to a new teacher or teachers.

And if we’re lucky, these individuals give our kids knowledge, perspective and understanding; helping our children become their best selves. Often, they transform and inspire. And they don’t ask for much in return. Sometimes, they even educate parents, too!

Knowing how important our teachers are, we asked our readers to nominate those individuals who have made a difference in their or their kid’s life. We got great responses! Heart-warming emails about the hard-working, truly charitable souls in our community. We tallied up the results and here are your Terrific Teachers:

Dan Polonsky: a teacher who helps kids win the battle with reading,

Laetitia Carquet: a French teacher beloved by children and adults alike,

Mark Vondracek: a passionate physics teacher working to solve problems beyond the classroom,

Saachi Kumar: a nurturing Montessori school teacher of more than 25 years,

Deborah Graziano: an elementary school teacher who was honored by the Golden Apple Foundation, and

Mark Howard: a gym teacher who defies stereotypes.