5 Key Tips to Prepare for Outdoor Entertaining

With Memorial Day behind us, those planning on entertaining outside must seize the moment. Whether a big bash is in the works or a more intimate gathering, having the outdoor spaces prepped and ready is key.

Jeff Hester of Hester Painting & Decorating is busy this time of year, helping homeowners get their outdoor spaces in tip-top entertaining shape. He offers these tips for preparing a summer-perfect outdoor season:

Here are five tips for preparing a summer-perfect outdoor season:

1. Clean, clean, clean. A low-power pressure washer attached to the garden hose is a miracle worker. A quick wash on outdoor furniture, fences and patios with the help of a scrub brush will remove winter’s dingy film. Siding is easily damaged, though, so consider hiring professionals to wash your exterior walls.

2. Check the deck. With wood decks, it’s important to inspect carefully for nails and screws that winter’s wrath may have pushed up. Tear off any large splinters of wood. Scout for wasps nests or other infestations. Restain or reseal the wood because preventative maintenance will double the life of a deck.

3. Freshen the furniture. Use the color the pros do when repainting your patio furniture: Wrought Iron Black. Purchase new pillows in a bright color. Plus, rather than setting the furniture in the same positions as last year, rearrange the seating configuration and consider investing in a new bench or two.

4. Add features. Heat things up with a fire pit. Create interest with a pre-made, self-contained fountain. These are easy ways to draw people out of the house and create a point of interest.

5. Change out the flowers. To boost your own mood and that of your guests, replant the flowerbeds with new perennials and even some annuals. If you are short on time and energy, simply dress up spaces with pots of flowers in new colors.

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