Lewis Floor & Home: Choosing the Right Carpet Runner for Your Home

Lewis Floor & Home: Choosing the Right Carpet Runner for Your Home

For many homeowners, the staircase is the central focal point in their entryway. It sets the tone for the entire house. It can be dramatic, dynamic, and practical. Plain wood stairs can be cold and stark, while adding a carpet runner can warm up the space and add an element of design and character.

Not only can the stair runner address aesthetic preferences, but it also solves practical problems too. Wood stairs can be quite slippery, which presents a danger, especially for children, pets, or elders. Adding a runner reduces the danger by providing a safe place to walk and added comfort of soft carpet underfoot. In addition to safety, carpet absorbs noise much more than hard surface. Adding a runner will make your footsteps much quieter when going up and down the stairs.

Waterfall vs. Hollywood Installation Options

Lewis Floor & Home: Waterfall vs. Hollywood Installation Options

One of the most highly debated options when choosing a stair runner is choosing either Waterfall or Hollywood installation. Our first photo is a good example of a Hollywood-style stair runner. You can see how the carpet is tucked under the stair nose to create a more refined upholstered look. In this particular instance, the client chose a smaller scale classic chevron pattern with a simple nondescript binding. The end result is a perfectly balanced and elegant design that allows the architectural wall detail of the wood molding to shine. True Event by Tuftex Carpet is one of our most popular 2018 in-stock carpet styles — it comes in assorted colors and can also be installed wall to wall in many rooms of the home.

Large vs. Small Scale Patterns

Lewis Floor & Home: Large vs. Small Scale Patterns

A great example of how patterns can be used effectively on a stair case is shown in our second stair shot. Here is a larger geometric pattern installed in a waterfall installation. When the pattern flows gently over the nosing, the design is reflected completely and with no interruption. In this setting again, the client chose a simple binding so as not to interfere with the overall pattern and give the feeling of a wider stair. Because this is a straight staircase with no pies, a geometric design can work. When using a large geometric design on pie shape stairs, be prepared for the pattern to be askew and not match from pie to pie. While this is a personal preference, most homeowners choose either small scale designs on pie-shaped stairs (shown in the first example) or larger patterns in organic designs (ie: floral, vine, or oriental).

The Designers Choice: Wide Binding

Lewis Floor & Home: Wide Binding

Wide band binding has been a designer favorite for decades. The custom nature of wide band binding can be accomplished with many fabrics. Cotton and linen wide binding is used most often, with leather taking third place on the list. All binding fabrics come in many colors and in the last photo the designer incorporated nail heads on the leather binding to complement a wool sisal carpet in deep warm tones. Nail heads are available in multiple sizes, finishes, and metals, all on display in our LFH rug gallery.


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