Prevent Costly Problems Before They Happen With Hester Home Maintenance

Prevent Costly Problems Before They Happen With Hester Home Maintenance

This home maintenance program takes care of the tasks homeowners forget or ignore, which can lead to expensive consequences.

Hester Home Maintenance is a quarterly service visit that helps homeowners avoid expensive headaches by following a proven checklist of more than 30 tasks that reduce risks and save money for your home. “While some items are obvious, others may come as a surprise and are probably never done,” says Steve Hester. “We realized there is a growing need, and we wanted to provide a service that combines the Hester expertise and customer experience with the goal of protecting our clients’ homes and families.”

Hester Home Maintenance: Prevent Costly Problems Before They Happen

Home maintenance is constant and crucial to preserve the safety and value of your home. There is always something that needs to be addressed. Some of these tasks, if ignored, can be extremely costly, potentially even causing a fire or flooding. We are all so busy that many of these important tasks are left unattended, including:

  • Check the operation of the sump pump and battery back up — to help avoid flooding.
  • Clean and vacuum the dryer exhaust and kitchen hood vent — to help prevent fires.
  • Check the weather stripping on exterior doors — to help save money on utilities.
  • Check the hot water heater — to help prevent flooding.

With plans starting as low as $200 per quarter, there is no longer any excuse for putting off these important tasks.


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