Traditional and Trendy Holiday Decorating Tips

The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to decorate. Here are some tips to make your home festive inside and out!

Ribbon and Bows

Bows with long tails are an inexpensive way to create a fresh look. Bows are standard decoration for wreaths and swagged roping and can even be used as Christmas tree-toppers.

If the tree is seen primarily from one side you may use one bow facing into your room. If the tree is in an open area and seen from multiple sides or above as from a balcony, you may want to consider two bows back-to-back on either side of the main stem. Try exaggerated tails draping down into the uppermost branches, or loop the ribbon throughout the tree so it appears woven. You can always use more than two tails to create more “weight” with any bow.

Ribbons are available in a tremendous range of colors, textures and materials. Width, texture, size and number of loops in a bow should be proportionate to what you are accessorizing, with wired ribbon providing the most predictable control. Big wreath? Use wide ribbon, lots of big loops and long tails. If a bow is going to be outdoors and unprotected from the elements, ask if it’s weather-proof. Many are.

Bows and ribbon also are a great way to establish a color motif in any tree — whether it’s themed or eclectic, holding a lifetime of assortment cherished ornaments.



Lighting options abound. The new “Illuminator Light” is a portable laser light that creates a light show on any surface. Imagine covering a 25’ by 25’ area in dazzling lights without having to hang a single strand. It comes in three colors and an adjustable dial offers seven choices of light patterns.

Prefer traditional lighting? Be sure to use a multi-outlet extension cord in your tree. It provides outlets throughout the height of the tree rather than running strings down to a single extension cord on the floor. Heeding manufacturers’ limits on number of connected light sets reduces “burn-outs” — and holiday frustration.

Want to light a wreath on a door, or a fresh centerpiece? Consider LED microlights on a thin, flexible wire powered by battery packs that make lighting a possibility in situations where it wasn’t an option before.

Chandeliers, coach lights and lanterns can all be dressed up, indoors or out. Accessorizing these fixtures with bows, berries, greens and holiday trim offers limitless possibilities that can create looks ranging from traditional to contemporary, and everything in between.

Lanterns are must-haves for the holiday season. Use separately as focal points or in groups of various sizes. They make instant, no-thought centerpiece starting points and, of course, are fantastic when used with candles and evergreen branches. Or consider using battery-operated flameless candles. They can be operated manually or set to come on daily at the same time for a five-hour period. They’re natural-looking and, best of all, safe to leave unattended.


Be Creative

Don’t limit yourself to what something is supposed to be or do. Fill a bowl, jar, serving piece or wine glass with colorful ornaments, pine cones, greens, berries, even candy, and voila! It’s a focal point.

When it comes to the holidays, be open to all the colorful possibilities the season offers.


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