Go High Brow: Tips to Create Fuller Eyebrows

Stop over-tweezing! Full eyebrows are IN, and they instantly frame your face.

Use these tips to help you achieve the bold brow look just in time for spring.

Time. The first step to beautiful eyebrows is patience, especially if you recently got carried away plucking stray hairs. Benefit Cosmetics aesthetician, Mandy Schoenbein, explains, “Think of your entire eyebrow as a team and each hair contributes to the team. As hard as it may be, let your brows grow until your next professional appointment. Otherwise you may compromise the brow shape.”

Let the professionals work. Once you’ve taken the time to let your brows grow, have them professionally tweezed, waxed or threaded to create an arch. Find a reputable place to have your brows shaped. Benefit is known for their brow services and many department makeup stores now have “Brow Bars” with licensed and trained aestheticians.

Think color. The hairs in most people’s brows are not all one color. Some hairs might be grayer or blonder than others, which can give the appearance of skimpy brows. Consider tinting for even more improvement. Schoenbein uses a vegetable-based tint to customize the shade to each client’s hair color. She recommends waiting around 4 weeks between appointments.

For at-home maintenance, there are a number of tools and products you can use on your own to sculpt your brows.

  • Lightly fill in your brows with a brow pencil or eye shadow that is one shade darker than your hair color. For foolproof results, try a brow kit. Most cosmetic lines make a compact kit that includes shadows and a brush for easy application.
  • Use a brow comb or dry toothbrush to sweep the hairs upward.
  • Brow gels come in both clear and tinted formulas. Brush the gel onto hairs to keep them in place. Bobbi Brown’s easy-to-use shaper is a perfect tool to throw in your makeup bag.
  • To highlight your eyes, sweep a light shadow with subtle shimmer directly under your brows, just along your brow bone.
  • If your brows are pencil thin, consider using a brow serum at night to promote growth. Numerous lash conditioners can also be used on eyebrows. Additionally, many makeup artists swear by a thin coat of Vaseline on brows before bedtime for conditioning.


Photo: Young lady applying eyeliner by Bigstock


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