Summer’s Fashion Color Palette

Orange, mint and lemon—no, these aren’t the ingredients to a new fruity drink; instead, they are the essential colors for your wardrobe this season.

An item in each of these bright colors will both lift your spirits and instantly update some of your summer favorites from past years. But we realize these unique colors aren’t the easiest mix and match, so here are our suggestions on which complementary colors will make for a cohesive look.

This year’s shade of orange is a tricky one. We’re not talking about the color of construction cones or tangerines; instead it’s a vibrant mix of orange and red.  If you’re a brave color-blocker then feel free to mix this hue with other juicy ones (pinks and purples). But if you’re looking to play it on the safe side, wear it with you favorite pair of dark jeans or black crops. When accessorizing, embrace this color’s warmth and pair it with a gold cuff or earrings.


  1. Blouse, $49.90, Limited
  2. Current/Elliot jeans, $188, Nordstrom
  3. Chloe pumps, $595, Bloomingdale
  4. Clutch, $89.90, Zara
  5. The Webster sand dollar earrings, $14.99, Target

Situated on the opposite side of the color wheel, mint green needs to be handled very differently. This color has been called the “it” color of the summer. Hundreds of Pinterest users post about it everyday—and who can blame them? It’s a cool combination of edge and femininity. This color should be the standout of an outfit, supported by sheer pastels and white. Colors closer to black end up muting and muddying this lovely combo of blue and green.


  1. Colored jeans, $125, J.Crew
  2. Woven sandals, $148, Madewell
  3. Blouse, $68, Anthropologie
  4. Earrings, $24.50, Loft
  5. Scarf, $24.05, Lori’s

An irresistible shot of citrus, this lemony shade of yellow is the perfect celebration of summer. For a classic look, wear it with a bold purple or royal blue. Or stand out more by mixing it with other brights like kelly green or cyan. Paired with a delicate crystal necklace or fun enamel bangles, you’re dressed perfectly to enjoy another beautiful summer weekend along our shore.


  1. Skirt, $159.50, Club Monaco
  2. Tank, $18, J.Crew
  3. Dolce Vida Sandals, $68, Anthropologie
  4. Bangles, $25, $28, $38, Nordstrom
  5. Straw bag, $39.95, DSW