11 Clever Ways to Preserve Memories for Your Children

With technology ever present in our lives, it’s doesn’t take much effort to snap pictures on a smartphone and store photographs and milestones. But there are many more inspired ways to preserve special memories for your children. Capture the moment in new ways that will last long after the next version of the iPhone is released.


Throughout the year, send emails to your child at an email address that you have created for them. This may be a long heartfelt letter or just a few sentences about an accomplishment that happened that day. You can also give this email address to the grandparents or other family members. When your child is old enough, tell them about their email address and let them read the emails they’ve accumulated through the years.


Shadow boxes are a simple way to combine personal objects with photographs. To capture a moment in time, take your child's favorite book, such as “Goodnight Moon,” and box it with a photograph of you reading it to them.

Keep your generations alive! Find a treasured photo from yourself as a child with a parent or grandparent. Then, recreate the moment with your child. Place both photos side by side in a shadow box. Can you see the resemblance?


It takes a considerable amount of time, but albums that chronicle each year of your child’s life are beautiful keepsakes that can be placed on a shelf or coffee table. There are countless websites to make your own albums. MyPublisher creates exceptional, high-quality albums.

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When I was growing up, my aunt documented in a journal the funny things that each child in our family would say. From time to time, when we’d all get together and she’d pull out the book and read it to us. We’ve never laughed harder! This is a great way to preserve funny memories that are certain to provide future entertainment. Now, there is a similar book on the market, “My Quotable Kid,” where you can record your child’s witty comments.


Purchase a book such, as a Dr. Seuss classic, and ask your child’s teacher to write a message to him or her in that same book at the end of the school year. When they are older, they will have a collection of messages to look back on.


Find a space in your house like the back of a closet door and mark your child’s height every six months. They will love looking back at how they’ve grown.


Write out a list of “interview” questions for your child such as their favorite food or their favorite holiday memory. Collect their answers yearly and keep them in a binder or album.


Your child likely accumulates an overwhelming amount of artwork at the end of each school year. Since it’s too hard to keep every single masterpiece, hang the artwork in a room or even the garage. After enjoying the artwork for a few days, let your child pick their favorite piece that you will keep or display permanently.

Don’t have the heart to throw any of the art away? Keep it all by photographing each piece and creating an online photo album with pictures of the your little one’s masterpieces.

You can also scan each piece of artwork, print it out in smaller sizes, and frame it. Hang the finished product in your child’s room, a playroom or hallway.


Turn your child’s art into a keychain. It’s a nifty way to create a keepsake that will make your child proud each time you reach for your keys.

Image via formiadesign (Etsy)


Have your child’s first pair of baby shoes bronzed or dipped in silver. (Try Memories in Bronze.) These look so cool displayed on an end table or bookshelf.


For a twist on standard portraits, capture the moment from behind. When your significant other or one of your parents walks hand in hand with your child, snap a picture. Each year these walking pictures will change as your child grows and matures, so eventually you’ll have a collection that makes a beautiful gift for a parent or grandparent.