A Music Note

We recently turned our clocks ahead—so take your music into the future, too.

While you’re changing the batteries in your smoke detector, flipping mattresses, or whatever else Martha Stewart says we’re supposed to do once a year when we turn the clocks, why not learn something new—like getting an iTunes account on your computer?

It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s the window to your new music world. My 79-year-old mother has an iTunes account. She calls me when she buys a song. She can do it—so can you.

When you have iTunes, impress your kids with this sample of some of the great new music you can download:

Love Lost by THE TEMPER TRAP (similar vibe = Coldplay)

For the Summer by RAY LAMONTAGNE (similar vibe = Neil Young)

(similar vibe = Hall & Oates)