Better or Bust: Starfruit, Frozen Kefir

Summer making you sweat? Cool down with a guilt-free frozen treat from Starfruit franchise, where you can try some frozen Kefir!


Similar to frozen yogurt, but packed with four times the amount of probiotics, this treat is made with Lifeway Kefir, a “creamy miracle drink.” Yogurt chips, Gummy Bears, pieces of Reese’s cups, fruit, and different cereals are just a few of the toppings to choose from. Other options also include their signature smoothies or parfaits.

Make It Better founder Susan Noyes found herself raving about her first Starfruit experience.

“It was refreshing & satisfying,” she says about her strawberry frozen Kefir with Oreo topping. “I don’t feel like I’ve sinned.”

Kefir has ten active probiotic cultures in it, compared to yogurt’s two or three. This bacteria aid in digestion, boost immunity, promote weight loss, help fight lactose intolerance, prevent certain side effects from antibiotics, and even help lower cholesterol. With all that, can we even still call Starfruit a treat?

So we rate this a definite “Better.” Cool off and give Starfruit a try, where you won’t sweat the heat, or the calories.

Also, watch out for the Kefir Truck traveling around Chicago! This modified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van serves two flavors of Kefir each day with prepackaged toppings.  Follow them on Twitter to find out where the truck is and request a location near you!