Blue Man Group Revs Up Its Technology

Blue Man Group has rebooted its 13-year-old show at Chicago’s Briar Street Theatre to include the latest fascination of the human species: technology.

During a preview for reporters and special guests last week, the 3 men of Blue Man Group applied their unbridled curiosity to new gadgets on stage, breathing new life into the show.

The most noteworthy high-tech additions were 3 gigantic iPhone-like devices, called “GiPads,” and colorful lightsuits.

Each blue man has his own life-size GiPad, which has an interactive touch screen. Hilarity and calypso music ensues when the blue men discover that their devices have cameras, and that they like being onscreen very much.

The GiPads are omnipresent in the show, often hanging over the stage when not in use. It’s like Blue Man Group is saying, “Technology is everywhere—it’s unavoidable.”

The lightsuits are more for entertainment than for making a statement. The blue men wear suits covered in bright cord lights and twirl light rods while dancing to music played by their energetic live band, which is as good as ever.

Blue Man Group fans will be pleased to know that the best bits of the original show are still intact in this updated version. The blue boys are still drumming paint everywhere and playing their xylophone of PVC pipes, although they have added Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” to their repertoire.

Speaking of Ms. Gaga, this newly revamped show seems designed to entice a younger generation of Blue Man Group fans, with its references to texting, apps and Cap’n Crunch. So bring the whole family to this show—even your saucy teens will get a kick out of a blue man who covers his face with sweetened corn and oat cereal.

To buy tickets, call the Briar Street Theatre box office at 773-348-4000 or visit