Children’s Production at the Marriott Theatre Charms from Start to Finish

“How Can You Run with a Shell on your Back?” is a delightful romp for audiences of all ages.

The musical, directed by Dominic Missimi, tells the story of six students, all with unique personalities and foibles, who bond together through the creative retelling of several of Aesop’s fables.

Together, the kids learn the importance of friendship, individuality and acceptance with the guidance of their quirky substitute teacher, Mr. Sopperstein, played by the talented Mark David Kaplan. The entire ensemble cast charms as they lament about real life issues that include trying to fit in and giving people second chances.

The music, written and composed by Michael Mahler and Alan Schmuckler is witty and engaging—I found myself toe-tapping along with the rest of the audience, as we rooted for the turtle to win the school council race. Does the turtle win? You have to see the play to find out!

“How Can You Run with a Shell on your Back” runs through May 22 at the Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences at 10 Mariott Drive in Lincolnshire. For information about tickets and show times, click here or call 847-634-0200.