Curb Your Enthusiasm for Other Things—See Jeff Garlin!

We could all learn to laugh at ourselves a bit more, and HBO star and Second City alum Jeff Garlin can surely teach us.

In his latest stand-up routine at Steppenwolf, “No Sugar Tonight,” which runs an hour and a half, he proves that he’s incredibly comfortable with himself, and therefore comfortable making fun of himself at every opportunity.

The main theme of the veteran comedian’s meandering, half-improvised routine is his many failed attempts at dieting, including giving up sugar entirely. Garlin, who grew up in Skokie and Morton Grove, is clearly a food addict, and he’s lost of lot of weight, but he’s still overweight and suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless, his shortcomings—even his uncontrollable burping, the result of a new diabetes medication—provide rich comedic material.

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