Marriott’s “Seussical” Rhymes, Sings, and Captivates

A doctor’s life’s work is depicted …

On the main stage out Lincolnshire way
At the Marriott Theatre for young-uns
Where the shows all run during the day

It’s a rhyming bonanza of color and fun
An excellent show is this, “Seussical”
The book, score and acting, directing and such
Would make this a fine prime-time musical

Familiar George Keating’s “Cat in the Hat”
Narrates a rhymed tale quite crazy
Of Horton the elephant hatching an egg
Whos, monkeys and birds—a big one named Mayzie

Melody Betts as the Sour Kangaroo
Can belt with the best of them all
And Michael Aaron Lindner’s sweet Horton
Emotes and delights and enthralls

Award-winning chief Rachel Rockwell
Directs both the stage and the dance
With her perfect touch, lovely lyrics and score
The good doctor’s work is enhanced

But perhaps the most interesting insight of all
In the midst of these difficult times
Is the message of loyalty, love and what’s right
Wrapped up in these songs and these rhymes.

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