7 Gorgeous Fall Boots to Wear Right Now

7 Gorgeous Fall Boots to Wear Right Now

The season for strappy, open-toed shoes is officially over. Cool fall weather is creeping in, and the only thing keeping me from plunging into a serious post-summer depression is the thought of a gorgeous new pair of boots. If I can no longer wear my mules and espadrilles, at least I can go to town on some chunky heels and buttery leather. As always, these boots are all made by companies that prioritize ecofriendly, socially responsible manufacturing practices.

Coclico Laeve Bootie, $425

fall boots: Coclico Laeve Bootie

These beautiful booties (like the rest of Coclico’s shoes) are produced in a family-run factory that pays living wages, uses recycled materials, and offsets its carbon emissions. Materials are sourced from Spain, where the factory is located, and designers in New York, where the company is based, are constantly thinking of new ways to care for the earth. These shoes are an investment, but the minimalistic aesthetic means they’ll never go out of style (plus the geometric stacked heel! Almost too beautiful).

Native Shoes Johnny Treklite, $95

fall boots: Native Shoes Johnny Treklite

These industrial-cool shoes are perfect for trekking through the city when things start to get slippery and truly cold. Lined with soft microfleece, these shoes are waterproof and — surprise — vegan, just like all of Native’s other offerings. Would you have guessed? In three colors.

Rafa Convertible Midi Sock Boot, $450

fall boots: Rafa Convertible Midi Sock Boot

These gorgeous (and on-trend) sock boots are the most exquisite color of green, perfect for pairing with lush fall neutrals like camel, bone, and dove. Hand-made in LA, these gorgeous boots are made from recycled vegan textiles (!!!) and have an orthopedic foam insole. The gorgeous, creamy stitching up the back is the icing on the cake. Does anyone want to buy a pair for the writer? Please? She wears a size 6.5.

Vagabond Grace Leather Boots, $130

fall boots: Vagabond Grace Bordo Leather Boots

These reasonably priced Chelsea boots are a classic, and the chunky heel adds a little bit of sophistication while still keeping things comfy. This Swedish company is committed to paying craftspeople and laborers a fair wage, making all of their shoes in-house at their factory. They also offer a number of vegan options, including booties, sneakers, and slip-ons. In four colors.

Matt and Nat Newman Bootie, $130

fall boots: Matt and Nat Newman Bootie

A different take on the Chelsea trend, these low-heeled ankle booties are entirely vegan and terribly chic. The navy color screams to be paired with jeans or buttery cords and will match with almost anything. Based in Canada, Matt and Nat stands for material and nature and is an entirely vegan brand… but you’d never be able to tell from looking at their gorgeous shoes. Plus, if you’re in the market for a new bag, all of their offerings are lined with 100 percent recycled plastic. In four colors.

Oliberté Nabali Boots, $175

fall boots: Oliberté Nabali Boots

These moccasin-inspired boots are hand-made in Ethiopia and fair-trade certified. The rustic-chic vibe is perfect for fall activities (hello, apple picking) and you can feel good about buying from a company that supports worker’s rights in sub-Saharan Africa. They’re also a Fair-Trade Certified factory and make sure to source materials from local and sustainable suppliers in Africa.

Nisolo Isa Boot, $198

fall boots: Nisolo Isa Boot

This lace-up ankle boot is truly gorgeous. Handmade in an ethically operated factory in Peru, all of Nisolo’s employees receive fair wages and healthcare. Additionally, the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and has partnered with the organization Ecosphere+ to plant a tree in the Amazonian rainforest for every pair of shoes sold. Seems like a good excuse to buy more than one, right? In two colors.


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