Five Things to Expect at 'Highway Patrol'

Many know Emmy Award-winner Dana Delany from China Beach, Desperate Housewives and other television shows and movies. Delany wrote Highway Patrol — along with co-authors Mike Donahue, Dane Laffrey and Jen Silverman — now playing at The Goodman until February 18.  The play is constructed of tweets, texts, emails and phone conversations Delany had with others who are dramatized in Highway Patrol. Expect […]

'Determined to Prove a Villain': Paralympian Katy Sullivan Takes on 'Richard III' at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Actor Katy Sullivan got out her running legs to prepare to play Richard III. In Shakespeare’s tale of the manipulative, deceitful would-be king of England, Richard is portrayed as a hunchback, which integrates with Sullivan’s physicality: she has two prosthetic legs. “There is a line in the opening soliloquy where Richard said, ‘Sent into this […]