Beach Bag Books, Take 2

Have you already buzzed through a pile of summer reading and need more suggestions?

Here are a few more ideas that’ll take you through the end of the summer and have you being able to say, “Yes, of course I read that! Who hasn’t?”


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn ($25, Crown)

This summer’s runaway hit, and for good reason—the writing is fabulous, the story is addicting, and everyone loves a good dose of crazy when it comes to someone else’s relatives.


One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf ($16, Harlequin)

Gudeankauf’s third novel and equally as good as her first two. In a similar vein to Jodi Picoult, this is the story of several lives—that of a young school girl and her brother, police officer, mother and grandfather all caught up in a school hostage situation. Who’s the bad guy? I won’t tell—you need to read it to find out. A great book for a road trip or long day at the beach.


Kat Fight by Dina Silver ($10, CreateSpace)

Glenview author Dina Silver is making headway into the chick lit market with her second tome, a follow up to “One Pink Line.” You’ll enjoy the local references that pop up as you follow Kat’s love life. Does she return to her old flame? Move on with her girlfriend’s boyfriend? Juicy fun!


Rules of Civility by Amor Towles ($16, Penguin)

Another one that’s making the book club circles, this book is “Sex and the City” meets “The Great Gatsby.” This is the book that’ll have you on the phone with a travel agent making plans for a long weekend in the Hamptons with the coolest of your friends.


In One Person by John Irving ($28, Simon and Schuster)

Some books are cheesy fun, and meant to be read in a day. Others take time and patience for a great payoff, and the latest from Irving is one of those. Character development is crucial here, so you have to make the effort to read carefully and savor. Bonus? You can honestly say to people,” Of course I read Irving’s latest. It’s Irving, after all.”

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