Thanksgiving Cookbooks

Need some fresh culinary inspiration this Thanksgiving?


This booklist from The Book Stall at Chestnut Court will make finding the perfect recipes, well, gravy.

1. “Katie Brown Celebrates” by Katie Brown ($30.00)
Thanksgiving Dinner is on pp. 159-173.

2. “The Silver Palate Good Times” by Lukens and Rosso. ($15.95)
America Gives Thanks –  pp. 284 – 291.

3. “The Deen Family Cookbook” by Paula Deen. ($26.00)
For a delicious “Southern” Thanksgiving.

4. “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” by Martha Stewart. ($45.00)
Martha explains everything from a very simple Thanksgiving dinner to the most elaborate.

5. “Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2009.” ($34.95)
Wonderful, innovative Thanksgiving recipes – without all the calories.

6. “The Bon Appetit Cookbook.” ($34.95)
Enough fabulous recipes for the next five Thanksgivings.

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