Divorcee’s Night Out: Where to See and Be Seen on the North Shore


I’ve been spending time with “The Posse,” a trio of divorced moms who live on the North Shore and love to go out.

These women have been on their own for several years and have discovered the best hot spots for a single woman to hang—fun joints that draw a good crowd and aren’t too expensive, pretentious, grungy or young.

Here are some Posse-approved places to go on the weekend or, even better, on a Thursday night.

Trax Tavern & Grill, Deerfield

This is the Posse’s favorite spot at the moment. It’s a casual sports bar by the railroad tracks in downtown Deerfield with a laid-back vibe and a big crowd of sports-loving men. For the best odds and an easy conversation starter, come when there’s a big game on TV.

Norton’s, Highland Park

A neighborhood Cheers-like joint with reasonably priced food and a friendly, grown-up crowd. The place is especially hopping when it has live music on the weekends.

Pete Miller’s, Evanston

It’s a well-known pick up spot for the older set, but hey, sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered. “If you’re single on the North Shore, you’re gonna go to Pete’s at some point,” the Posse says. Live music, a heated outdoor patio and great food are added draws.

Flight Wine Bar, Glenview

Flight, located in the Glen, is a surprisingly chic place for the suburbs. The Posse likes it for it’s hip atmosphere and high-class crowd. Owner Steve Herzon is planning some additions that will make Flight even more attractive to sophisticated singles—live music and a nightclubby lounge.

Miramar, Highwood

This Cuban-themed restaurant and nightclub was like “the Studio 54 of the North Shore a few years ago” the Posse says. It’s not quite as hot as it once was, but it’s still a cool hangout for singles.

Other great spots for singles on the North Shore:

Bluestone, Evanston – friendly gang at the bar, casual

Ravinia BBQ, Highland Park – especially on Karaoke Thursdays

Bridie McKenna’s, Highwood – Irish pub, live music

Space, Evanston – live music, comfortable even when alone


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