Duxler Presents: Road Trip Tips from Tiffany

It makes sense to put some spare water in the trunk when you’re setting off on a road trip this August, but it’s important to check your car’s fluid levels as well!

Your engine works harder to cool down in the high temperatures, especially when you’re stuck in traffic, so proper coolant level is extremely important.

Coolant is transmitted by the car’s radiator hoses, so your technician will check the hoses at the same time he or she is checking coolant levels.  If your repair shop doesn’t normally top off other fluids, ask them to do this for you as well.

While your technician has the hood up, make sure he or she checks your battery.  Believe it or not, the battery works even harder in the summer heat than it does in the winter time.  If the battery is in good shape and does not need to be replaced, ask your technician to clean and reseal the cable ends before you set off on your trip.

By making sure these few things are in order, you’ll have great peace of mind when you set off on the road this August.  If you have questions or would like more information on this topic, email us at info@duxlertire.com.

You can also find great information on auto maintenance and repair at www.duxlerautocare.com.

Have a fun and safe trip!

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