Maureen Sagui Going to Academy Awards

A Wilmette resident is going to walk the red carpet Sunday night.

Keep your eyes peeled for Maureen Sagui, who will be going as the guest of Jesse Eisenberg, who is nominated as Best Actor for his role in “The Social Network.” Sitting next to Jesse will be his mother, but Maureen will be sitting with Anna Strout, Jesse’s fiancee. (Mama trumps fiancee in Oscar seating!)

And how did Maureen get this hot ticket? When Jesse’s sister was unable to attend, the couple decided to auction the ticket and give the proceeds to charity. Maureen’s husband heard, bid and she’s on her way to L.A. The two charities who will benefit are: Urban Arts Partnership, New York and Middle Way House in Indiana, a safe harbor home for victims of domestic violence.

Check back for Maureen’s impressions of the event and her photos. If you’re going to the Oscars, let us know by commenting below. We’ll look forward to hearing your story too.

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