“Friday Night Lights” Star and Evanston Native Zach Gilford Stars in “The River Why”

There will be a screening of the movie “The River Why” at the Wilmette Theatre on Tuesday, November 8.

Among its awards, the film, which stars North Shore native Zach Gilford and Amber Heard, won “Best Narrative Feature Film” at the Alaska International Film Festival in 2010, where Gilford also won “Best Actor.” Details about the screening are here.

Set on the banks of a wild river, “The River Why” is the story of 20-year-old Gus Orviston, the Mozart of flyfishing (Gilford, who played the quarterback in “Friday Night Lights”), who leaves his big city home in rebellion from his parents (Willam Hurt, “Into the Wild,” and Kathleen Quinlan, “Apollo 13”) to live in a secluded cabin on the banks of a wild river and do nothing but fish.

Instead of finding fishing bliss, his desolation drives him on a reluctant quest for self-discovery.

In the process he comes in contact with an assortment of eccentric characters who help him in his journey to adulthood—including a philosopher (Dallas Roberts, “3:10 to Yuma”), a reporter (William Devane, “Hollow Man”) and a mysterious woman (Amber Heard, ” Zombieland”) who will change his life forever. Most of all, “The River Why” is a love story.

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