How A North Shore Utopia Can Influence A Dream

North Shore native Marcia Kimpton is bringing her independent film, My Reality, to the Wilmette Theatre on October 10.

Kimpton wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the film, which was recently submitted to the Sundance Film Festival.

Shot in just sixteen days on location in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Mongolia, My Reality takes a comedic look at the ‘reality’ of a woman who has been disappointed by the entertainment industry and has come to realize that she’s reached an age where the only chance for her to participate is to sell herself as a reality star.

Marcia is quick to note that the film is not actually auto-biographical, though the material is inspired by her own experiences in the film and television industry. Recently Marcia shared some thoughts about how both her childhood in Wilmette and Glenview, as well as her adult experiences in New York and Los Angeles influenced the film.

“Reality TV reflects the worst of women”
The film aims to shed light on the way in which society, and particularly popular culture, seems not to reward women for their good behavior, but only to make celebrity of the fallen women. “I refused to sacrifice being a woman of dignity and good taste” she exclaims, citing that this made it difficult to get ahead in a male dominated entertainment industry.

“Everyone should be so lucky as to be surrounded by such intelligent and ambitious people”
Marcia speaks of her North Shore upbringing and New Trier education as a Utopian influence that has continued to guide her in an industry that has so often threatened her dreams. “We were raised to believe that if you work hard, and you are creative that you can do anything,” Marcia recollects.  “I was so shocked when I moved to Los Angeles and started doing business with people who lie, who didn’t subscribe to the work ethic I grew up believing.”

“My dreams have changed over time, but I have remained true to who I am”
Marcia hopes that her film helps artists to find a voice and raises awareness of the struggles that so many creative and talented people have trying to find a place in the industry. “We all don’t have our dreams that come true, but if we focus more on the interior and on helping others, we find out that that is what it is all about”.

You can join Marcia for this private screening on Wednesday, October 10 at 7:30PM (cocktail reception at 6:30PM) at the Wilmette Theatre.  Simply RSVP to Marcia Kimpton at

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