North Shore Outdoor Rinks and Sled Hills

If you can’t beat ‘em…let’s face it, North Shore – it’s cold, and it’s going to stay cold well into…June. At least. If we can’t escape the extreme temperatures, we may as well learn how to enjoy them!

Here’s a rundown of local outdoor ice rinks and sledding hills, along with a few picks for places to go when you need to feel your toes again!


For sledding:

James Hill (Mount Trashmore)
Oakton and Dodge
For information, call 847-866-2900

Lovelace Park
Gross Point and Isabella
For information, call 847-866-2900

For skating:

Ackerman Park
Central St. at McDaniel

Dawes Park Lagoon
Sheridan Rd. at Church St.

Baker Park
Forest Ave. at Keeney St.

For rink conditions, call 847-859-7822 ext. 8

Where to go to warm up: Try the Italian Coffee Bar (1549 Sherman) for some great hot chocolate. Daredevil boys in the back of your SUV? Hit Five Guys (816 Church) for a bag of fries.


For sledding and skating:

Flick Park
3600 Glenview Rd.
Lighted until 10 p.m. nightly

For sledding:

Johns Park
2101 Central Rd.
Lighted until 10 p.m. nightly
Call 847-724-3337 (option 4) for recorded weather/hill conditions message. Hills are unsupervised, and the park district encourages active supervision of children by responsible adults.

Where to go to warm up: Head into The Glen Town Center and visit Via Gelato for a full line of coffee drinks and homemade soup.

Highland Park:

For sledding:

Danny Cunniff Park
3100 Trailway St. (at the end, north of Half Day Rd.)
Call 847.681.2189 for sled hill conditions.

For skating:

Sunset Woods Park
1801 Sunset Rd.
Call 847.432.4303 for weather/rink conditions message.

Where to go to warm up: Try the Newport Coffee House in Bannockburn (1121 Half Day Rd.) for coffee and hot chocolate.


For sledding:

Wood Oaks Green Sledding Hill
1150 Sanders Rd.
Closes at dusk

Techny Prairie Park
1750 Techny Rd.
Call 847.291.2985 for recorded weather/hill conditions message, or call 847.291.2960 for the Northbrook Park District.

For skating:

Meadowhill Park
1479 Maple Ave.

Tower Rink
1225 Cedar Lane

Where to go to warm up: L’il Guys (1361 Shermer) offers at least two homemade soups a day, a full line of sandwiches and smoothies.


For skating:

Clarkson Park
1950 Willow Rd.
Free for Northfield residents
Call 847-446-4693 for more information (only answered during the outdoor ice season).

Where to go to warm up: Your best bet? There’s a Starbucks on the corner of Willow and Happ Rds., a few blocks away. If you want to grab a bite to eat, try the Happ Inn.


For sledding and skating:

Watt Park Sledding Hill
305 Randolph St.
Call 847.835.3030 for conditions
Skating hours
Monday-Friday 1:30-3:00pm (Parent-Child Skate)

Monday-Thursday 3:00-5:15pm (Open Skate)

Saturday-Sunday 1:30-4:30pm (Open Skate)

Admission charges apply

Where to go to warm up: Try the Glencoe Roast Coffee (700 Vernon Ave.) for a quick pick-me-up.


For skating:

Gillson Park
corner of Sheridan Rd. and Michigan Ave.

West Park
South of Lake Ave., west of Laramie

The Thornwood Park Outdoor Ice Rink will be opening for the 2011-2012 winter season, but its opening is weather dependent.

Call 847.256.6100 regarding conditions.

Where to go to warm up: Leonidas is your go-to destination for a warm drink and sugar rush.

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