Nature Photography Day is June 15

Take a break from the air conditioning and get outside with your camera on Nature Photography Day.

This is the sixth annual National Photography Day organized by the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). The goals of this celebration are to enjoy the view of nature through your camera lens and advance the cause of conservation, according to the NANPA website.

How to celebrate:
This holiday is a great way to teach your children or grandchildren about appreciating nature. Give them each a single-use camera and let them photograph whatever they’d like in a park or forest preserve near your home. Check our Better List for some ideas about where to go. After you develop the photos, frame and hang them in your home.

Other ways to celebrate that NANPA suggests include finding something in nature that you’ve never photographed before, and photographing it every year on June 15 to mark the holiday. Or, photograph things that detract from beauty in nature to show how humans can negatively impact the environment. Upload all your photos to the NANPA Facebook page to share.