New Trier Alums Thrive in NBC’s “The Sing-Off”

After grueling weeks of rock, country and superstar medleys, the Dartmouth Aires can still be found competing on NBC’s The Sing-Off.

New Trier alum Will Hart is a member of this high-energy 16-man group. He got his a capella start participating in Swing Choir in high school and found out that he was accepted into the Aires the day before beginning his freshman year at Dartmouth. The Aires have an infectious sound and creative spin on popular music. These traits are sure to come in handy as they approach the end of the competition.

Fellow New Trier alum and competitor Danny Rubenstein’s group, The Yellow Jackets from University of Rochester, were unfortunately eliminated on Halloween. However, they made a lasting impression with the audience, not only for their outstanding performances, but also for their hilarious swan song. Upon being asked to leave the competition, they launched into a clever rendition of “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba, complete with lyric changes and an ode to NBC.

As “The Sing-Off” helps to make a capella music more mainstream, several of the songs from the show that have made it up the iTunes chart. The Dartmouth Aires’ Queen medley even cracked the top 100. Season three has shown us that a capella can be lively, exciting and, yes, even youthful. As Hart states, “People enjoy watching singing and people enjoy watching people have fun.”

“The Sing-Off” is on NBC every Monday at 7 p.m. through the end of November. You can vote for the Dartmouth Aires by clicking here.

UPDATE: Margaret Hart sent us this recent update:

As many of you know, Will and the Dartmouth Aires have been competing on NBC’s The Sing-Off this fall on NBC. As of Monday night, they have made it to the final 3 groups from the original 16, and the winner of the show will now be chosen by “America’s” vote.

The results of this week’s voting will be announced on the live finale on November 28th, which John, Christy, Amy and myself will attend in LA. I am asking for your help to vote early and often for the Dartmouth Aires!

Voting is open now until next Sunday at 9:00 A.M. EST. I have listed the ways to vote below, and would love it if you and your extended family members and friends that you think would like to participate would vote by all ways available to you. I can’t express how much fun it has been to share this adventure with you, and your emails, text messages, enthusiasm and support have been the most fun of all! Thanks for your help and let’s get the vote out!!

Margaret and John

Vote for the Dartmouth Aires by:

Texting 3 to 97979

Calling: (877)674-6403

NBC’s web site:

You can vote all three ways, up to 10 times each – that’s 30 votes for the Aires!!