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In Her Shoes Foundation

155 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 9012 Chicago , IL60601 United States

Please share your mission. 

In Her Shoes Foundation seeks to bring together women of all ages and backgrounds to inspire, connect, educate and support the development and maintenance of a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Describe how your organization lives/realizes its mission. 

Ready Set Girls Academy is our mission in action. We are dedicated to providing tools and the means to live a healthy and positive life for all women. In Her Shoes Foundation is dedicated to the idea that preventative programs are crucial to working towards the larger goal of preempting avoidable, yet devastating, moments of crisis. Working with young women in a vulnerable time of life is the perfect opportunity to provide life long coping strategies and tools that can last beyond just the school year. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that the young women we work with are in a safe environment that allows them to explore themselves, grow into confident young women, and provide them with information and connections they can use in times of crisis. Our supportive facilitators give the young women we work with the opportunities to be honest about their own lives and ways they can be empowered to be healthy in all aspects of their lives.