The Floured Apron

The Floured Apron

725 Pine St. Winnetka, 60093

Please share your mission. 

To empower women from underserved communities with the training, knowledge, and support to forge a new and more economically-secure career path.

Describe how your organization lives/realizes its mission. 

Our unique approach combines job training, financial literacy, life skills, mentoring, and personal development. This individualized approach is what allows us to empower our students to find professional success. Our full wrap-around curriculum includes all the varied supports our students need to succeed. It also benefits an area of the population overlooked by most job training programs – over half our students are women over 35. They are mothers, role models for their children and often the sole providers for their families. Our specialized curriculum empowers women to find themselves, build confidence, and set realistic goals for what they want out of life. Employees who are pursuing a career about which they are passionate are more likely to continue working despite challenges that arise. Our program’s graduation rate is 77%. Of those who graduate, 85% are placed in full-time jobs and an incredible 92% of those employees are still working 6-12 months later. These statistics prove that our program is breaking the cycle of poverty and creating brighter futures for our graduates and generations to come.