2021 Red Cross Class of Heroes: Lieutenant Quention Curtis, Firefighter Hero

In the summer of 2018, Quention Curtis, who is a firefighter with the Chicago Fire Department, founded the Black Fire Brigade.  It was a response to inner city crime, which impedes the future of young people in our city and disproportionately affects Black communities. The non-profit organization provides assistance with tuition for young individuals receiving training as firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians. The Black Fire Brigade also offers additional training and mentorship to participants. The organization has seen over 250 of its members successfully complete the program, including 60 single moms and three homeless students.

Because of his unparalleled leadership, Red Cross is honoring Lieutenant Curtis with the 2021 Firefighter Hero award, sponsored by Grainger

Grainger is committed to doing the right thing in their local communities, collaborating to encourage, strengthen, and sustain a diverse and vibrant working world. Grainger’s efforts focus within the areas of education and workforce development, and disaster preparedness and response, and 2021 will mark the company’s 20th anniversary in partnership with the Red Cross. 

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